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Gambling has been around for a long time as man began playing with sticks and rocks. It began as a pastime and has since grown into an international multi-billion-dollar business. The beginnings. History. Gambling has been one of mankind's most popular pastimes, as proven by documents and artifacts discovered in tombs of the past and other locations.It was strictly controlled. It was, at a minimum, was also reduced in the early laws of primitive China and Rome and also in the early Judaic, Muslim Talmud and old Egypt. The gamblers who had been addicted to the sport were frequently punished for their labour hard work. Many of these gamblers were slave drivers or workers and were forced to gamble for food and shelter. This history is the seed of what we know today as gambling, a curious mixture of luck and skills. Gambling originated from the same origins as Bacchanalia and grew from the same roots of dance and music.Ancient Gambling. Gambling was initially developed through betting on athletic events like hand wrestling and horse races. Also, it was betting on tickets to lottery draws as well as for political events. Over time, as with any innovation, gambling evolved from simple hand-wringing to card counting to betting on sports events, race tracks, world-class poker matches and extravagant dance events, each with its own exotic element, its own thrilling and opportunity...The first time the phrase "Gambling as an addiction" was discussed it was due to the rising problem of gambling addiction. Gambling was a common activity in Europe and America. Saloons opened for business, and then were closed after gambling laws allowed gambling. Many even closed on Sundays. Gambling soon became more than an entertainment but also a social thing, as evident by the fact that American football had its own betting league (The National Collegiate Athletic Association) prior to the time that professional gamblers became popular in the late nineteenth century.Gambling addiction. As if the issue of gambling addiction wasn't bad enough, the issue of gambling houses that were organized was a real problem too. Gambling houses were more secure than street gamblers' risky and often brutal ways of playing. Gambling addicts had an authorized and secure place to gamble in gambling houses. Gambling was no longer considered a "street game." Gambling had a glittering past and was regarded as an important business.Gambling addiction. Gambling addiction was a huge problem after the "American Dream" was made public. New investors were attracted by the opportunity to earn huge profits betting on boxing and horse racing. The whole business was entangled rapidly with the American dream. In today's world the term "gambling" is often used to describe any type of sport or activity which can be played in an individual's home or other space that isn't open to the public.The Gambling Facts of Today. It is true that gambling has been controlled and regulated by the government from the very beginning of the republic. However the rules have evolved in the course of time. States and cities have attempted to restrict certain types of gambling to ensure that the issue is kept under control, but the general trend is against gambling games and especially horse racing. Gambling games such as slots, bingo, and blackjack have seen some growth in popularity in recent times as online gambling sites as well as other gambling methods are becoming popular.Today's Gambling Addiction Facts. 안전놀이터 It is vital to seek treatment immediately if you or someone you care about suffers from a addiction to gambling. Gambling addiction is treatable illness, however, you should seek treatment to overcome it. There are numerous support groups available to assist those suffering from this addiction. You can conquer your gambling addiction and live an emotionally and financially healthy life with the right resources