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Love this so far. So hyped!!!ThreeJackpaza0508Sat 16th Oct 2021The frogs are adorable, the wardens are terrifying and the chest boats look dumb. I like it!4fourHotGoombaSat 16th Oct 2021I am simply comfortable that frogs at the moment are in Minecraft.5Ryu_NiiyamaSat 16th Oct 2021Japan is gonna flip!6DennisNORSat 16th Oct 2021Minecraft workforce never fail. Seems nice ????7SnatcherSat 16th Oct 2021We wanted frogs....Years ago, I would all the time assume, with all of the Mobs and animals they added had been the hell have been the frogs?8KevemberSat 16th Oct 2021I ponder if the man who created Minecraft ever imagined it could develop into such a phenomenon. I am not even just a little interested in the concept however it's nice to see they keep adding stuff to the sport to maintain the fans engaged.9AndyRoganSat 16th Oct 2021I'm assuming that the Change version will get these too?My daughter might be very glad10Wyatt006Sat 16th Oct 2021@AndyRogan Sure, the Nintendo Swap version will probably be receiving each updates the identical day as other platforms.ElevenArkaySat 16th Oct 2021@Kevember Notch is a lucky (and great) man, watching the sport he created change into the best promoting game of all time.12Grumble24Sat 16th Oct 2021@Arkay Notch is a bit of garbage human and hasn’t had anything to do with Minecraft since promoting it to Microsoft.13KevemberSat 16th Oct 2021@UmbrageHill "Everyone with whom I disagree is a piece of garbage". The dude created the sport and made it profitable. THE SWISS ROCKETMAN Nothing Microsoft has added since acquiring it has changed the game in any fundamental manner. Stop being so mad.514Grumble24Sat 16th Oct 2021@Kevember I’m not mad simply calling a racist trans/homophobe an incredible person is a bit far fetched if you happen to ask me.115KevemberSat 16th Oct 2021@UmbrageHill Many nice men are terrible human beings. I wouldn't say the creator of Minecraft is a superb man, however you get my level.216ArkaySat 16th Oct 2021@UmbrageHill you do you, buddy, he's still an important man that made a terrific recreation ????????17Grumble24Solar seventeenth Oct 2021@Kevember I admire the sentiment.18Xyphon22Solar 17th Oct 2021Give us a furnace-in-a-boat!19vanYthSun 17th Oct 2021@Xyphon22That is known as a „Steam Boat“20KateGraySun 17th Oct 2021FROGGY CHAIR AND FROGS IN MINECRAFT, It's A very good WEEK FOR AMPHIBIPHILESthree21Nico07Mon 18th Oct 2021@Snatcher Frogs are welcome, but alligators can be nice.Zero22NemikonMon 1st Nov 2021Yes, it really will happen very quickly, a few months later a large-scale update of my favorite game might be released! I have been enjoying minecraft since version 5.0.1. when there were no 3D textures and all the opposite devices which have appeared in recent years. I watched the event of this beautiful recreation and was proud of the release of every new update. Now my associates and I will go and look for Survival Minecraft servers in the brand new Minecraft, which has been making ready for the true fans of this game for several years. I actually like to be aware of the fact that I have caught the evolution from a easy sandbox to a recreation that has captured the entire world. This is a good story that I will remember for a very long time!